Vídeo do proxecto HypnogramVideo of the Hypnogram project. (03/06/2017)

Interview with some members of the research team of Lidia group.




En su edición del 25 de mayo de 2014, La Opinión de A Coruña publica un artículo de información sobre la aplicación de técnicas de aprendizaje máquina para establecer patrones de comportamiento y construir perfiles de usuarios en la Red, investigación que se lleva a cabo en el CITIC


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emisionradioInterview to Vicente Moret around MIASOFT in the radio programme Arredor de nós. Radiofusión (joint programming of Galician Local Radio Stations)

The talk deals with some aspects of the software MIASOFT, a computer system for the monitoring and diagnosis of sleep apnea, developed by the LIDIA research group. June, 28th 2011.


MIASOFT_LaVozLa Voz de Galicia, October, 31th 2012.

Research Center on Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC) supports a doctoral thesis that sheds light on the diagnosis of the sleep apnea.

The doctoral thesis of Dr. D. Diego Alvarez Estevez, coordinated by the associate professor D. Vicente Moret Bonillo and evaluated by international experts in the field, represents an improvement in the diagnosis of sleep apnea and hypopnea, which suffers 2 to 3 million people in Spain.

This thesis addresses the development of an intelligent system that allows the automated diagnosis of the disease while the patient remains in the sleep unit of a hospital. This means savings in time, effort and resources for medical specialists.

According to Dr. D. Diego Alvarez Estevez, author of the thesis , " the analysis by our system achieves an integrated approach interpreting the patient's respiratory activity in the context of sleep neurophysiological activity , the main difference with other diagnostic systems.

The project had the support of MCH Westeinde (The Hage, Netherlands) and CHUAC (A Coruña, Spain) hospitals, the Computational NeuroEngineering Lab (University of Florida) and the consortium of universities and hospitals in the U.S. Sleep Heart Health Study (SHHS). Likewise we must mention the support received by the Xunta de Galicia and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding through I+R Project: "09SIN003CT - Monitorización Inteligente de Fases de Sueño".

Source | CITIC (pdf)

UDC con la empresa tnLIDIA in the exhibition entitled "A Universidade coa empresa". 1-21 October 2012, Cantones of A Coruña.

This exhibition comprises a summary of some of successful cases of the research groups of the University of A Coruña as much in transfer of results towards the business sector as lines of collaboration with great projection in the future.

A series of activities will have place in this exhibition with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of the relationship between UDC and other companies of our area and the society in general.

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